The EAI launch event will be streamed on the Edain website

The EAI launch event will be streamed on the Edain website


September 29th has been confirmed as the date for the online launch event for Edain, a new Tradable License Key (TLK) product developed collaboratively by Prisma Analytics and CryptoDATA Tech. The event will be streamed live on the Edain website, and will raise awareness around the product’s capacity to transform unparsed data into actionable information for decision-makers. 

Edain is a tradable license key produced by CryptoDATA Tech in collaboration with Prisma, and the key will allow a tradable token to grant holders access to knowledge generated by Prisma’s groundbreaking C+8 engine. 

C+8 is the brainchild of Prof. Dr Hardy F. Schloer, and is an AI-enhanced big data suite that sorts through unimaginable quantities of information, translating raw data into discrete pockets that can be sorted and synthesised into real-world strategies and actions. 

Schloer, Founder and CTO of Prisma Analytics GmbH, said: “The Edain TLK represents the key to access C+8 Technology®, and implicitly, access to a vast central knowledge repository that is designed to become the largest, most accessible knowledge source in human history. Through dynamically expanding library of knowledge apps utilizing the C+8 knowledge database, users will be able to research anything from social trends and geopolitics to risk identification, security threats, predictive modelling and finding the proverbial ‘needle in the haystack’ for virtually any decision application, over time.”

The online launch event will host speakers from tech juggernauts such as DELL, and senior Prisma and CryptoDATA Tech representatives will also make appearances. Ovidiu Toma, CEO of CryptoDATA Tech, will be speaking next Wednesday, and said: “We have developed Edain as a means to provide every human, anywhere in the world with freedom of choice. Edain facilitates access to a technology that transforms raw data into actionable knowledge in real-time and thus, users can make optimal knowledge-based decisions. The C+8 Technology provides humans a very powerful advantage in understanding the dynamics of the world around us and it can be easily accessed by anyone with Edain license keys.”

Edain’s token, EAI, will undergo a pre-sale managed by CryptoDATA Tech, who have significant expertise and experience in the realm of blockchain. The pre-sale will begin during the launch event next week, and will last until the 29th of next month. The token’s whitepaper, tokenomics, and compatible Prisma apps can all be viewed on the Edain website. 


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